What Makes You Different?


I have devoted my career to help others improve their career.

Resumes and cover letters are essential to how you present yourself as a candidate. These documents are a big part of what I do, but I don't stop there. I further bolster your job search with career coaching, interview coaching, and online branding (LinkedIn, Personal Blogs, etc.).

I want you to be better on paper, in person, and online. This means a lot of attention right where it should be - on you!  


Why Are Your Prices Cheaper than the Major Resume Houses?


Money is already a barrier to entry for so many things. Getting the career you deserve shouldn't be one of them. 


Prices will vary depending on your career level and the state of your current resume - simply because of the amount of time and work involved to develop strategic resumes for different kinds of positions.


Want an exact quote? Get one here.


Am I Guaranteed to Get a Job?


The short answer is no. Unfortunately, I can't guarantee that you'll get a job, because I can't verify that you'll use your new career marketing documents as recommended.

I offer loads of useful advice about how to use your new resume as a marketing tool, how to excel in interviews, and how to navigate today's job market.

If you take my advice, like many previous clients, you'll see positive results. I've had clients send-out their new resumes and receive interview requests the same day!

Do I Really Need a Professional Resume?


I believe everyone can benefit from a professionally written resume.

Developing an impactful resume is hard work and resume standards are constantly changing. Professional resume writers know: what hiring managers want to see, how to get resumes through Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), which format is most appropriate, and how to showcase your most impressive accomplishments and skills.

Most clients find the guidance of a professional resume writer both invaluable and reassuring. Remember - your resume is your first impression. With the help of a professional, you can apply to your dream job with confidence.

How Many Revisions Do I Get?

Unlike some resume writers, I don't have a set revision limit or deadline for adjustments. My holisitic and supportive approach means I'm here for you throughout your job search. 


I understand that no one knows your job better than you. While I'm pretty skilled in uncovering the information needed to develop strong resumes, adjustments to your final documents may still be required - and that's perfectly ok! Career strategy is a collaborative process.

How do I Pay You?

Once you've received a quote for the services you requested, you'll be provided with payment instructions.

I prefer to use Paypal invoices because of the flexibility and security it provides - you can pay with a credit card or with your own Paypal account without ever releasing your credit card details. Plus, it provides you with proof of payment.

If you need to make alternate payment arrangements (Interac/eTransfer etc.), I can do that too!