Insightful Career and Interview Coaching

It's nearly impossible to feel confident when you're conducting a job search or embarking on a career change. If you're feeling a little lost or stuck - I can help rebuild your confidence and get you moving forward with a simple and practical action plan.


As a Certified Career Coach, I employ industry-leading assessment techniques and devise effective, achievable action plans for professional goal setting, career exploration, career changes, and job searches/application processes. I also motivate clients to achieve deadlines and overcome obstacles.



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I coordinate coaching for clients over several 30-minute sessions (usually weekly or bi-weekly). My coaching clients not only enjoy ongoing access to my career expertise, they also benefit from discounted preparation of career marketing materials (resumes, cover letters, and LinkedIn profiles).


Just looking to brush-up on your interviewing skills? I conduct phone and Skype mock interviews with full reviews (both verbal and written) to hone your self-selling skills and help you dazzle even the toughest interviewer.


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