Slay Your Search & Get Hired in a Snap! 


In this course, you will learn how to:


  • Attract Recruiters & Jobs to You.
  • Communicate with Confidence (scripts for every email, every job application, every connection request).
  • Search Smarter (No more spending 10+ hours a week sending out hundreds of applications).
  • Leverage Your Network to Access the "Hidden Job Market"
  • Find Job Boards with Less Competition
  • Bypass Applicant Tracking Systems (get your resume in front of a decision maker).


The course includes 9 Modules: 46 Pages of Written Instruction, 9 Videos, and 8 Bonus Resources.


When you purchase this course, you will receive a document with a link to download the entire course - giving you access to all the content instantly.


Course Outline:


Module 1: Tell Me What You Want; What You Really, Really, Want

  • Identifying Your Ideal Job
  • Why a Targeted Search Strategy is More Effective (and Faster)
  • Resource: Career Option Assessment Worksheet


Module 2: Calm Down, Crazy

  • Identifying Your Ideal Companies
  • How to Conduct Research on Your Target Companies (and why it’s so important)
  • Resource: Company Research Worksheet


Module 3: May the Odds Be Ever in Your Favour

  • Why LinkedIn is One of the Most Powerful Job Search Tools
  • How to Prioritize Networking Activities & Screenshots to Help Navigate LinkedIn
  • Resource: Elevator Pitch Formula/Script


Module 4: Call Me Maybe

  • How to Deepen Relationships with your Network
  • How to Conduct Informational Interviews
  • Resource: i=Informational Interview Tracker


Module 5: Just Keep Swimming, Swimming, Swimming

  • How to Maximize Your Efforts with Job Boards
  • What Job Boards are Your Best Bet
  • Resource: Niche/Industry-Specific Job Boards List


Module 6: You Had Me at Hello

  • Connecting with Hiring Managers & Decision Makers (What to Say & When to Strengthen Your Application)
  • How to Bypass ATS Screening Processes
  • Resource: Job Application Checklist


Module 7: I’ll Have What She’s Having

  • Top-of-Mind Campaigns – What They are and Why You Need One
  • How to Maintain Relationships with Your Growing Network
  • Resource: Professional LinkedIn Post Ideas


Module 8: After All, Tomorrow is Another Day

  • How to Put Everything You’ve Learned into Action
  • Creating a Daily and Weekly Job Search Schedule to Maximize Your Time
  • Resource: Job Search Action Plan & Job Application Tracker


Module 9: You’re Worth a Million Bucks, Bradshaw

  • Why Your Mind Set & Attitude Can Make or Break Your Job Search
  • How to Stay Positive During a Long Job Search

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