No Call Backs after Your Interview?

Holy, rant much?

That's usually my reaction to negative LinkedIn posts and comments about hiring managers and recruiters. Seems not hearing back after an interview has turned into permission to go online and broadcast that all recruiters suck at their job. Puh-leaze.

As a friendly tip to my Savvy Career Seekers, DON'T. FREAKIN'. EVER. post negative comments about a recruiting experience on LinkedIn.

It does nothing but damage your personal brand and minimize your chances of being contacted by another recruiter. Trust me, no recruiter is reading your rant thinking, "oh, poor special snowflake...I should try and find you a job."

If you interviewed for a job, and you didn't hear anything back, I know it's super frustrating and demoralizing.

But before you badger the hiring manager with a string of emails or head to LinkedIn for a vent session, please consider this: maybe, just maybe, it's your fault.

Tough pill to swallow? No doubt.

Jill Jacinto, a mentor at Career Contessa, has compiled a list of 6 Interview Killers - check them out and be sure never to repeat the same mistake twice.

Some of the items on her hit list include:

* Badmouthing former employers/bosses/colleagues

* Talking salary and perks during the first round of interviews

* Not knowing enough about the company's mission, products, services, and challenges

* Being inattentive/unfocused

Click on the link above to read the full list, plus Jill's suggested fixes.

Still feel like you "aced" your interview and were unfairly ignored? You can rant to me! Post a comment or send me an email (


Tammy Banfield is a professional resume writer and certified career coach who specializes in helping talented and ambitious women advance their careers and find rewarding, fulfilling jobs. Working from her Canada-based office, Tammy has helped over 600 career seekers from around the world secure coveted positions. Connect with Tammy on Facebook, LinkedIn, or her Website.

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