What's a Resume Writer Worth?

My good friend (and coaching genius!) Jessica Sweet wrote a blog post that seriously piqued my interest. It's called "Is Hiring a Professional Resume Writer Worth $1000?".

I think you can see why I was so compelled to read this article.

Jessica includes comments from many LinkedIn users who were aghast that any one, anywhere would charge $1,000 for resume writing services. She also includes some pretty convincing rebuttals from professional resume writers and people who have hired them. It's a great read (click on the link above to check it out yourself).

Here are my 2 cents on the issue:

This a perceived value problem.

Most people who think that resume writing should cost next-to-nothing, are thinking in terms of trading money for time.

Maybe they wrote their resume in a couple hours and want a resume writer to "work their magic" to make it look better. The people in this camp think that a resume writer will just spiff it up in an hour or so. With this thinking, I can understand why some people think resume writing should cost about $50.

But, when you hire a professional resume writer, here's what you're really paying for:

  • Many years of practical experience and skill development (courses, conferences, certifications, etc.)

  • Expertise in crafting compelling content that resonates with hiring managers/recruiters.

  • Hours upon hours of industry research and interviews

  • Hours spent on developing a strategy for your specific goals and career trajectory

  • Hours spent uncovering your unique brand and value proposition - and then translating that for your resume documents.

  • 5-10+ hours of actual document writing and creation.

  • Hours of support time during and after the writing process to make sure you're confident presenting your resume, and have the resources and tools to job search effectively.

And, here's why you WANT to pay a resume writer:

  • You save weeks in personal time struggling to craft your own marketing documents.

  • Professionally written resumes can shave months off the length of your job search.

  • Insight from your writer/career professional will get you interviews more often.

  • The big one - you'll make more money and/or be way more happy with a new job!

How much is it worth to you to get that $5K promotion, or move companies where you can make $10K more a year, or finally land that job that aligns with your passion? What would you pay for that?

Consider the ROI of a resume writer (not just the time you assume they spend).

If you've visited my Work with Me page, you know I don't charge $1,000. But, I'm also not a $50 editing or stenographer service. With me, you get high-impact, high-value, strategic support throughout your entire job search.

What do you think? I'd love to hear your opinion!

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