Press for Progress in Your Career

On the heels of the #MeToo phenomenon that swept the globe last fall – a response to nearly daily reports of women being sexually harassed while working in entertainment, politics, or news media organizations – this year’s International Women’s Day theme, #PressforProgress, seems particularly timely.

It’s clear that women are systemically devalued at work in multiple ways, including monetarily. In every country in the world (except Iceland), women are paid less than men for the same work.

In a global, economic culture that tends to directly correlate the amount of money you make, with your value to society, achieving wide-sweeping pay parity could be a solution to many of the challenges women face at work.

If men and women are paid the same, their perceived value is the same.

And, if the perceived value is the same, women become equally worthy contributors to their companies, equally effective as leaders, and equally qualified for the C-suite.

Valuing women equally to men – if only by the all mighty dollar – has potentially, profound consequences on how women would be viewed in the workforce. Apparently, the women of Iceland agree with this sentiment and recently activated a law that makes it illegal to pay women less than men.

How was Iceland able to make this huge leap forward? The women in Iceland rallied together and supported each other; they elected a parliament that’s 50% women and elected a female Prime Minister. When the Pay Parity legislation was proposed, it was supported by all women across all political parties, and was easily voted into law.

When women rise together, the whole world benefits. Study after study confirms that when women are empowered, entire economies benefit.

I’m the monthly Career Columnist for the Mighty Women Magazine and in the spirit of banding together to #PressforProgress, I invited four, highly-talented, industry-leading, female career coaches to collaborate with me for my March article.

To read how they interpreted this year’s theme and how they recommend pressing for progress in your own career, see the full article here:

Focusing on “progress” is key in our quest to earn more, do more, and affect change. From big things, like securing equal representation in government and board rooms, to the small things, like being the one woman to voice her idea in a sales meeting, it all hinges on progress and pushing ourselves to find a way to advance our goals.

We may not be at fault for finding ourselves in a world that isn’t always kind, respectful, or appreciative of the gifts we have to offer as women. But, we are at fault if we do nothing to change our reality.

We all possess the power to #PressforProgress.


Tammy Banfield is a professional resume writer and certified career coach who specializes in helping talented and ambitious women advance their careers and find rewarding, fulfilling jobs. Tammy has helped over 600 career seekers from around the world secure coveted positions. Connect with Tammy on LinkedIn or at her Website.

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