Make Working Monday Feel Like A Sunday

Sunday is traditionally the day we have to ourselves, to rest and recuperate from the week behind us, and to mentally prepare ourselves for having another stab at adulthood.

Of course it doesn’t always have to feel this dramatic, but we can all agree that Sunday is a special day that we need a few more of in our lives.

So even though the weekend has passed us by, and we really don’t want to get out of bed because of everything the day has for us, there’s some tricks you can use to make sure the day stays as relaxed as possible. But isn’t that impossible? It doesn’t have to be!

Here’s the ways you can help yourself when it comes to chasing those ol’ Monday Blues away.

Make Sure You Have Time for Breakfast

And if this means having to wake up earlier than usual, do so! When you’ve got a good breakfast in your stomach when it comes to having to head out, you're going to be much more prepared for the day.

Not to mention, something delicious first thing on a Monday morning puts you in a better mood for the rest of the day.

Something with yogurt and fruit always works wonders, and a bit of toast will go far to make sure you’re feeling full enough to get through that inbox without needing a snack break 2 minutes in.

Breakfast fuels us, and can often make the day go faster because of the energy our brains get from it. No more dragging starts to the week!

Bring Comfortable Shoes

Comfortable shoes are a bit of a secret in the working world. You’re parading around your workplace all day in the most stylish shoes you own because you have a good impression to make and a reputation to maintain, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy on your feet. You sit down and wince, and often take the shoes off just to rub at your soles.

Well, make sure you have something comfortable in your bag to put on when this occurs. Whether you’ve got a full day at the office or you’re working from home, if you have a spare pair of shoes in your bag, you’re going to be much better off in the foot department whenever you sit down at your desk.

No one wants to have to put their heels back on when their feet are screaming no, so have some wool felted slippers at the ready instead. They don’t look incongruous to a professional environment either!

Mondays Don’t Have to Be So Bad

These were just a couple of rules you should try to abide by when it comes to starting your working week. If you do, you might just notice a change for the better because of all the work you’ve put into doing something good for yourself!

So if you really don’t like Mondays, try to do something different to switch up the horrible routine you’ve found yourself in.

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