Powerful Careers For Powerful Women

The time has come for women to be recognised in the world of work. No longer are we at the bottom of the line, we’re empowering each other and creating careers for powerful women. It’s a far cry away from the segregation we used to have to deal with, but that’s not to say that we’re fully past that either. But what we do know, is that if you feel your a powerful woman who wants to make a difference, there’s careers out there for you. You need to thrive in an environment that challenges you, and one where you can take charge of your own decisions. Here are the careers that we feel are going to let you do just that.


You really do have to be a powerful woman to work in healthcare. You’ll be dealing with such a wide variety of issues, some of which might be troubling for you to see. So for you to stand up to them, and give the patient you’re treating the best service, then you really are a powerful woman. It’s hard for us to overcome our emotions, and that’s definitely what we would have to do in this setting. A medical assisting program would put you on the right path for a career in this field. The pay is really good, and you’ll get such a reward from doing the job. The only setback really is the mentally challenging side of it, and the fact that you might have to work long hours. Healthcare never stops, and you could be working around the clock to help keep a person alive, or make them feel better. It’s a rather humbling feeling to know you have the ability to do something like this. Plus, you can easily progress to ward manager, where you will have power over the people who work on the ward, and can guide them to better patient care.

Motivational Speaking

To speak motivationally, you would be wrong to think that you have a story to tell. Or rather, you would be wrong to think that you don’t have a story to tell. Everything you have gone through during your life at the moment, will have led you to where you are now, and the journey you’ve gone on is something you can use to share and inspire others. All you need to know how to do, is motivate the people in front of you, and have the ability to let people leave the room empowered.


This is a powerful career choice because you really are your own boss with this one. It allows you to feel the power of owning your own business, and the strength it takes to make it in the business world. As something that used to be such a male based industry, it’s exciting to see that more and more women are storming into the business world. As long as you have a good idea, there’s nothing your business can’t do!

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