4 Surprising Habits That Are Career Destroyers

A career is about starting at the bottom and rising through the ranks to the top. Not everyone can be a billionaire boss with a great deal of power, but there are still targets to hit along the way. The saddest thing in the world is watching the prospects of a talented, hard-working person sink like a lead balloon. All it takes is one honest mistake and the climate can turn sour. A recent study found that 83% of people have seen their colleagues ruin their careers. Almost 75% admit to making a similar error. Death by a million, tiny paper cuts is a possibility, but the good news is it’s avoidable as long as you are aware of the dangers.

Not Filing Suit

Most employees think this should be the opposite way around. Filing a lawsuit and taking an employer to court is only going to harm your promotion chances. There is an argument to say this is the case, yet there are caveats too. After all, you’ve lawyered-up before so you’ll do it again if there is the slightest whiff of discrimination. Plus, a workers’ comp lawyer can apply pressure when necessary. Failing to address an employer’s mistake is a colossal mistake because it shows them you’re a pushover and they’ll take advantage.

Playing Politics

Again, this is something the majority of people assume is perfectly fine. There is no point in being naïve and letting colleagues take you for granted. Use politics to get ahead of the game and secure that important new job role. Building contacts and being the boss’ pet are two things, but sneaking around and manipulating people is another entirely. When dodgy attempts at corporate espionage come to light, employers crack the whip. After all, they can’t trust you won’t do the same and try and take their job in the future.

Promising The World

We have all been there. Offices are packed and it’s hard to stand out from the crowd. To do so, workers take it upon themselves to provide value where no one else can. The boss is bound to take notice and keep an eye on your progress. There is one problem: under delivering. There is nothing worse than sticking your neck out and not coming up with the goods. It shows the hierarchy you can’t be trusted at crunch time and it will undoubtedly destroy your prospects. Add value by all means, but ensure you follow through with your promises.


EQ is emotional intelligence. Some people debate whether it exists or not, yet it certainly affects careers. Think of the times a co-worker says something you disagree with. Was your response easy to read? Did your body language tell everyone involved in the conversation that you thought they were an idiot? Colleagues don’t take too kindly to temper tantrums and public outbursts. Pissing off the people that you need to secure a promotion of a raise is a terrible idea. Instead, develop a poker face Molly Bloom couldn’t read.

Do any of the above apply to you and your career? If so, how do you plan on fixing the problem?

Do any of the above apply to you and your career? If so, how do you plan on fixing the problem?

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