Don't Let These Roles Ruin Your Health

You’re either going to love getting up and going to work, or you’re going to hate it. Work is such a big part of our lives, we spend more time there than we do at home and awake! As much as you might love or hate work, there’s other factors that you need to consider about the job that you do. Some roles are really going to be damaging your health, with or without you realising it. So, since you’re in this working game for the long run, you don’t really want to be stuck with your health going downhill as well. So, to keep you in tip top form, we’ve got some roles that could be really damaging to your health if you let them, and how you can make sure you’re staying fit and healthy.

Office Jobs

It doesn’t matter where you work, or how long you’re in the office for, people with a job that means they’re in the office for any length of time during the day are all at risk of becoming unhealthy. It’s just the office atmosphere, traits, and the fact that you’re sitting down pretty much all day. Some offices stock their rooms with biscuits, chocolate, and god knows what else for their employees to eat. Your face might light up when you realise the biscuit tin has been filled up, but how do you think your body is going to feel? A lot of the time, people are actually eating rubbish because they’re stress eating, which can easily be solved. All you need to do is take 5 minutes every hour to get some fresh air. Getting your mind away from the computer, and away from the food is going to do it the world of good. You can also make sure that you bring your own healthy snacks in the morning, so that you’re not tempted to snack on what’s in the office. You should also b mindful of your posture, as this is something a lot of office workers struggle with. Something as simple as putting a towel that’s rolled up between your shoulder blades will help to straighten your posture.

Truck Driving

Truck drivers are notoriously unhealthy. The ‘truckers diet’ as it were, is known to be so full of calories, sugar, fats, salt… the unhealthy list could go on. If you’re in any line of work that requires you to drive around all day, we know why it would be hard to stay away from the fast food restaurants. After all, most truckers and drivers have to stick to deadlines, so the quicker the food, the quicker the day! So, like with the office job, you could always take your own healthy snacks and lunch with you, saving you even more time during the day! Or you could do some research, and find one of the many healthy diets for truck drivers, and try and follow it! It’s also important that you focus on your fitness outside of work. Because you’re sitting down all day, you’re getting hardly any exercising at all. Even just going for a half an hour walk in the morning or at night would do!

Sport Based Jobs

You might be wondering how a sports based job could be unhealthy. Well, it’s so taxing on the body, and sometimes people can just take it too far. If you are for example, a fitness camp instructor, you’ll be pushing your body nearly every day, putting pressure on all of the muscles and joints. All we can advise is that you try and take it easy, and use words rather than actions to explain what you need to explain!

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