Shut Down Career Change Fears

Do you sometimes find yourself wondering, feeling lost after you’ve taken a wrong turn in town? When this happens, the answer is easy. You simply need to go back to where you’ve gone wrong and correct your mistake.

However, when you’ve taken a wrong professional turn, the challenge of fixing your mistake and moving your career in a new direction can feel overwhelming. In fact, for every person who decides to change career, there’s someone who is too afraid to start new. As a result, they feel stuck in a professional path that doesn’t reflect their interests and personality.

Career change fear, unfortunately, is hugely common and can lead to depression and anxiety disorders. The truth is that nobody but you can fight off those demons and seize an exciting opportunity. Don’t let your fears stop your professional growth.

I’m not skilled enough

First of all, let’s tackle the elephant in the room. When you change career, you often choose a professional path that doesn’t 100% match your experience and skills. You haven’t trained for that path yet. But it doesn’t mean that you don’t have transferable skills. On the contrary, most office jobs, for instance, have plenty of organizational, strategic and IT skills you can repurpose in another career. Additionally, you can also use learning programs to improve your profile – take a look at Matt Smith’s review of online courses to find suitable classes for the creative sector. The bottom line is that you can bring your skills up to date easily!

What if it’s not for me?

How can you be sure your career dream is suitable? When work is hectic, it’s easy to find yourself dreaming of a new career. Consequently, you might want to do your research before handing over your resignation letter. Indeed, the first priority is to convince yourself and your relatives that you know what you’re doing. From showing evidence that you understand what the new career means to defining why it suits your interests, you should evaluate in depth the potential of a new job.

I don’t know anybody

Changing career is synonymous with entering a new sector where you may not have any connection. For many professionals, the thought of a fresh start is nerve-wracking. However, you can learn to network positively outside of your industry sector. Indeed, networking is, by definition, the art of meeting people. You don’t need to aim for directors in your area of interest. You can attend events and make friends with people who share your views and let the social circle operate its magic.

I will have to take a pay cut at first

When you move from a high-paid job to a new position, you can expect to earn less money at first. Should it discourage you from pursuing your dream? No, but it should convince you to build a financial safety net before you start your professional reconversion. From cutting your expenses to creating a career change fund, you can take precautions to keep yourself safe.

Fear is your biggest enemy in life, whether it’s at a personal or a professional level. When it comes to embracing your dream career, you don’t have the right to hesitate. Instead of letting your fears control you, use them to design a strategic approach plan to reach your goals.

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