5 Things That Will Elevate Your Counseling Career in No Time

Counseling and mentoring are two of the most influential tools we have to help us deal with deep trauma and everyday life issues. Giving clients of any age real guidance and support through some of the most challenging periods of their lives is a great joy and responsibility. So how do counsellors go from good to phenomenal? What is it that sets them apart and enables them to kick some glass?

We explore a few practical and actionable tips below.

1. Never stop asking questions.

Great counselling comes from a place of continual learning, thinking about the ‘how’. How does the counselling work and what impact does it have on the student or client in front of you? Jeffery Kottler, who has written countless books and presented numerous times on counseling as a topic has said that “the best counselors are the ones who are continually questioning what they do and why”.

2. Authenticity.

A counselor must be available and honest with their students or clients. Being authentic and open will enable you to develop more in-depth empathic connections with each client, this connection will give you both the tools to move forward with the process of therapy. This bond is the core of a productive and very beneficial counsellor-client relationship.

3. Expand your working knowledge by attending courses and classes.

Online courses have made this more achievable than ever. Look for an online course that is flexible and has all of the enriching aspects you need. Maybe you are ready to focus your attention on a primary, middle and high school setting. In which case, don’t waste another minute, enrol now with ease. The beauty of a career in counseling is the ability to grow with it. Learning is critical, so when you can try to make time to attend workshops, listen to speakers and podcasts, read new cutting-edge theory and research. Purchasing new books that aren't in the same counseling field as you, might bring some fresh and relevant methods to your work. This learning will keep your skills sharp and your knowledge continually relevant.

4. Network.

Both online networking, on platforms like LinkedIn and in person at conferences. Not only to make some moves within your career but to seek out new perspectives. If you have been considering writing a paper for a while, you might stumble across the ideal collaboration partner. You might hear about new strategies, and it will strengthen your standing within the counseling community overall.

5. Take care of you.

When you work in a sector that is dedicated to taking care of other people, it is vital you take the time to make sure you are taken care of too. Getting burn out is possible in any career, but burnout and stress can also negatively impact your clients and students if not taken care of properly. To explore this tip properly, take some time to look at what self-care means to you. Perhaps it means getting a hobby, taking a short break, do yoga or start journaling.

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