Careers In Medicine Which Aren’t Doctors

If you are a caring and empathetic person who enjoys helping other people in your life, one of the things you might have considered is taking a trip to the medical field and seeing if you can build a career in helping others. A doctor is the most obvious way to be a medical professional but it is of course incredibly difficult and it can take many years to train for. Here are some other options you can consider if you enjoy working with people.

A nurse

A nurse is the second choice for most people who want to go into medicine however being a nurse can be a hugely rewarding job and maybe even more rewarding than being a doctor. A nurse is at the forefront of every hospital visit and they are the ones who make the beds, talk to patients and get to know them personally. You will be the one they come to when they are scared or have a problem and it can be rewarding to get to know the many different people in the world.

A midwife

What could be better than being present at the birth of a new life? Nothing. If you want to enter the medical world and really get the best experience out of life in a hospital, you can work as a midwife and be able to cuddle newborn babies every single day. It can, of course, be a sad job too, so make sure you have a strong backbone and a big heart and this will be ideal for you.

A physical therapist

A physical therapist is a job you can do not only in hospitals but also on the track or the sporting field. It is a diverse job and you will be able to get to know a lot of different people. If you work for a sports club you will be able to become part of the family and it will feel amazing to be part of such a close-knit group of people. Plus, you’ll get travel for free with matches!

A radiologist

If you have an analytical mind and a huge love for chemistry and biology you could become a radiologist and work in the hospital taking X-rays and examining them to check for breakages and dislocations. It can be a technical job to do but you will have a workspace to yourself and it can be a really wonderful role to be in.

A phlebotomist

If you don’t know what phlebotomy is, it is the act of drawing blood from a patient to send for tests. You could become a phlebotomist in a couple of months and look at the current phlebotomy schooling requirements there is a chance for many people to go into this world of work. It is a job which can help support you and your family and you can choose to either do it part time alongside another job or as its own thing. Sure, it will involve a lot of needles, but if you have a strong stomach you should be fine!

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