Finding Motivation To Study Doesn't Have To Be Difficult

There are days when we would rather have a tooth pulled than study, but there are tricks to find motivation and make it easier.

The pact

Every student has made a pact with themselves, with their parents, with their university, and teachers. When we decide to study a university degree we know very well what part we are committed to fulfilling: studying to obtain, in the near future. Perhaps we have looked at a health care mba and are focusing hard on achieving. We dream of the study and the goals we are working towards as if it were some kind of romantic myth. We see others around us as if they are dealing with everything perfectly and are incredibly organized. And, of course, then reality arrives and we beat ourselves up against it: eternal classes, extremely boring subjects, endless jobs.

The reality is that studying is adapting to a routine that is not always exciting and, suddenly, that motivation we felt at the beginning is so diluted that it is difficult to find it. After a while, the initial agreement is still there, but it is becoming more and more difficult to find ourselves with that illusion that we felt and we are leaving everything to the last minute, turning the stress of having to prepare for exams into the engine that drives us to study.

You choose how to motivate yourself!

We can continue like this: forcing ourselves to study like the one who forces himself to drink a disgusting syrup when he is already fatal or change a little mentality and try to find our motivation again and make the whole journey easier. Studying a degree requires effort, but it is worth it and we will do better if that effort is seasoned with a good dose of motivation. Let's see some tricks:

1. Respect routines

If we get used to always doing it on the same days and at the same times, it will cost us less to start studying and we will also procrastinate much less. We must make our own study plan and follow it. Feeling that we are in control, that we decide and that we are our own bosses will help us to stay motivated much more than if we think that we should study because others impose it on us.

2. Start with the most complicated

When we start studying we are less tired. We must leave the easiest for last and start with what costs us the most. Each subject must be assigned its daily time and respected.

3. Project yourself on your long-term goals

When we are fed up and have thoughts like "What have I done to deserve this Syntax class?" We must remember that, without it, we will not be able to pass the degree and dedicate ourselves to what we want. Each subject is a test that must be passed to achieve the objective and that is where we must get the motivation to continue.

4. Create short-term goals

But not everything is a multi-year goal. It's easy to lose motivation if the payoff is so far away. Therefore, we must create small short and medium-term goals that make us excited. Ideally, we look for them and make a list from which we will cross out achieved objectives.

5. Use a reward system

Every study session is a success, but not all are equal. Before studying the more complicated subjects, we can set a reward for when we finish, but beware! All the objectives must be met to receive that reward. In addition, the award must be proportional to the effort and should only be awarded to us when we are truly happy with our performance. This is how this system will serve as motivation in the future.

6. Away with distractions

Neither mobile phones, nor social networks open on the PC, nor do we scribble on the pages of notes. If we are distracted all the time, we will feel that the study does not spread us and we will lose motivation. Only when we feel that we have taken advantage of the time do we get a rewarding feeling that will help us continue the next day. We must do our part.

7. Avoid negative thoughts

Maybe the career is disappointing us, maybe the current situation we live in is not the most appropriate to enjoy the university as we would like. Yes, that happens to all of us and these are difficult times for everyone as well, but that does not mean that we should give up.

If we focus on continually thinking about everything that is wrong, we will have a very negative worldview and lose our energy.

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