Freebie of the Month: Cover Letter Template

You know I'm on the record as being "Pro-Cover Letter". But, if you're struggling with putting one together that's modern, exciting, and effective, I've got help for you!

Here's a great, no-fuss template for you:


Contact/Hiring Manager

Company Name


City, Province

Hiring Manager:

As a [title] known for [your expertise/problems you solve], I'm confident I possess the expertise required to excel as your [advertised position].

Throughout my career, I have developed proficiencies in [key skills and strengths relevant to the job]. ***or**** Throughout my career, I have consistently [outline accomplishments/value].

For example, I have:

  • Resume Highlight/Accomplishment

  • Resume Highlight/Accomplishment

  • Resume Highlight/Accomplishment

Additionally, my practical experience is complemented by [relevant degree, training, conference presentations, publications, etc.].

[Company Name] is of particular interest to me because of [company's reputation, specific news/expansion plans, unique insight/connection you have to that specific business].

I would welcome the opportunity to meet with you to discuss your needs and answer any questions you may have about my experience.

You can reach me at: [Your Phone Number]


[Your Name]


Want a second pair of eyes for your cover letter? Send it to me at and I'll review it for you!

You can also connect with me in the comments below, on the website, LinkedIn (tammybanfieldresumes), or Twitter (@writertammy)!

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