Get on LinkedIn Already – Why LinkedIn is ESSENTIAL for Your Job Search

I’m a bona fide LinkedIn evangelist. I’m a raving fan and avid champion for the platform.


It’s not because I get paid to promote LinkedIn; it’s because I’ve seen it work so well for job searchers.

I’ve seen clients completely stalled in their job search – like, haven’t had an interview request in months, kind of stalled – get a flood of interest and interview requests within 2 weeks of activating and optimizing their LinkedIn profile.

As a career coach and resume writer, it’s easy to think that I’m just biased. Of course, the data and feedback I have about LinkedIn all comes from my clients and is purely anecdotal. But, I’ve been working with job searchers for well over 5 years and have served more than 700 clients.

Anecdotal, shmanecodtal. Any way you slice it, it’s a lot of evidence.

But, as a sceptic myself, I appreciate a healthy dose of doubt. I’m prepared to back-up my client stories with some cold hard statistics.

I’m going to share some recent LinkedIn numbers that are sure to give you the kick in the butt you need to get on LinkedIn, optimize your profile, and stay engaged on the platform. If these stats, plus my first-hand observations from clients, don’t convince you, nothing will.

Here are the numbers to prove why the job searchers who are active on LinkedIn get hired so much faster (and for better jobs).

Almost All Recruiters Use LinkedIn to Vet Candidates

If you want an interview for a job, you better be on LinkedIn. As of March 2018, 94% of recruiters said they used LinkedIn to vet candidates.

Did you get that? A whopping 94%! That’s nearly EVERY recruiter.

This means that if a recruiter sees your resume and is interested in learning more about you, they don’t go right to the phone to call you for an interview, they go to LinkedIn to review your profile.

If your profile is too hard to find (URL isn’t customized, lack of key words), your profile experience doesn’t align with your resume, or your profile does not demonstrate how you are a high-value fit for the role, you’re probably not getting a phone call.

If your profile is lacking – or nonexistent – you’ll never know how many job opportunities have passed you by.

“7 LinkedIn Secrets to Attract Recruiters and Get Hired Fast”

Half of Recruiters Use LinkedIn for Outreach

LinkedIn is quickly becoming the preferred tool for recruiters to find candidates, vet candidates, and connect with candidates.

LinkedIn just makes it so freaking easy for recruiters.

48% of recruiters ONLY use LinkedIn for Social Outreach. Meaning, if recruiters are looking to “speak” with a candidate, they are sending a message on LinkedIn.

Also, LinkedIn InMail between recruiters and members has increased by 40% between 2015 and 2017. Clearly, recruiters are loving the convenience of the platform; messaging on the platform is bound to become increasingly more common.

If you’re one of those people that checks LinkedIn every month or so, you might want to up your frequency.

Or, if you’re not using LinkedIn at all, there is a large chunk of recruiters who are not finding you and therefore not reaching out to you.

Up to Date Profiles Get Found 18x More

Keeping your positions up to date in LinkedIn profile makes you 18x more likely to be found in searches by members and recruiters.

Remember, you can’t be vetted or contacted by a recruiter if they can’t find you.

If you don’t appear in their search results when they’re looking for candidates, you’re missing out on opportunities. If past colleagues or IRL connections can’t find you on LinkedIn, you’re missing out on opportunities.

To keep your profile up to date, you may want to schedule time every few months to review your profile and make the necessary edits. Be sure your current role is listed. Make sure your duties and accomplishments are current. Add new courses or certifications you’ve earned. And most importantly, be sure your contact information is correct! If LinkedIn messages and reminders get sent to a “junk mail” address or email you no longer use, you may never know that a recruiter reached out to you.

One last stat for my LinkedIn-doubters: LinkedIn has over 11 million job postings at any given time. Since recruiters like being able to connect with candidates, vet candidates, and reach out to candidates on LinkedIn, it makes sense that they may use ONLY LinkedIn for posting open opportunities.

To be where the jobs are and where the recruiters are, you need to be on LinkedIn in an optimized and engaged way. Simple as that.

Not sure where to get started? I designed a free guide to help you: “7 LinkedIn Secrets to Attract Recruiters and Get Hired Fast”.


Tammy Banfield is a professional resume writer and certified career coach who specializes in helping talented and ambitious women advance their careers and find rewarding, fulfilling jobs. Tammy has helped over 600 career seekers from around the world secure coveted positions. Connect with Tammy on LinkedIn or at her Website.

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