How Do You Stay Motivated When Working From Home?

Working as a freelancer is a great way for stay at home parents to earn a little extra money and maintain their independence at the same time. But anybody that has ever worked from home will tell you that one of the hardest things about it is finding the motivation to get work done. It’s even harder when you’ve got young children in the house. Luckily, there are some simple tricks you can use to find motivation and improve your productivity when working from home.

Dress The Part

The clothes that we wear have a big impact on our mindset so you need to dress the part, even if you’re working from home. If you wear pyjamas all day, you’ll be way more likely to slack off. You’ll be in the wrong state of mind for working but if you wear the same kind of clothes you’d wear if you were going into the office, you’ll be far more productive. You don’t have to go overboard but just wear something smart. For men, that means trousers shirt and tie, there’s no need to go for a full suit. Get some great John Henric ties and wear a different one each day, switching it up every day and taking a bit of pride in your appearance makes all the difference to your motivation.

Create A Separate Office

When you get up and go out to an office somewhere to work, you only associate that place with work. Whenever you’re there, you know that you can’t slack off. It’s important that you recreate that in the home if you’re going to stay motivated. Find a place where you can set up a work area separate from the rest of the house and, most importantly, away from any distractions. You’ll find it a lot easier to stay focused if you’re in a dedicated work space without anything to pull you away from your work.

Proper Working Hours

One of the best things about working from home is that you can set your own hours, but you’ve got to be very careful how you do it. Deciding when you do your work is a bonus because different people work best at different times of the day, or even night. However, don’t think that setting your own hours means doing less work. The key to making sure that you’re getting enough done each day is having a regular schedule, just like you would at a normal job. You don’t have to do 9 to 5 everyday if that doesn’t suit your working style but you should be trying to work at the same time each day. Having a regular schedule will help you to get in the right mindset to work and it’ll also help you to plan your day out so your work doesn’t interfere with any of your other responsibilities around the house.

When you first start working from home it’ll take a little while to adjust. You’ll probably make mistakes to begin with but if you follow these simple rules, you can make it work.

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