How To Drive For A Living

Do you love driving? Do you wish you could turn it into a career? For those that love getting behind the wheel, here are several ways in which you can take up driving for a living.

Public transport

Driving public transport could be one way to carve out a career. You could try driving a bus for a company such as Arriva or you could get into taxi driving. There’s also the related niche of private transport which could involve working as a chauffeur or a limousine driver. Such jobs generally require you to be good with people as well as staying calm under pressure. You may have to take a separate test in order to be qualified to drive a taxi or a bus, so bear this in mind.

Delivery/freight driving

Another option could be to look into driving jobs that involve transporting goods and packages. This can be ideal for those that don’t want the stress of transporting passengers, although you may still have to meet quotas and deadlines. If you’re planning to drive a lorry, you’ll need to take a lorry driving course first. Companies like CRST International offer this driver training. Alternatively, you could look into jobs that simply require driving a van.

Driving teaching

If you’re looking for a rewarding job that involves dealing with people, you could consider a career as a driving instructor. This involves taking an instructor course in order to obtain a teaching qualification. Working as a driving instructor does take a lot of patience and you need to be alert at all times. Most instructors work for themselves and choose their own hours, which can be a perk.

Test driving

A much harder career to get into – but one that is fairly stress free – is test driving. This involves testing vehicles to determine is there are any faults. There are two main routes that could allow you to test vehicles for a living. One is to try and break into automotive journalism where you may be able to review cars. This is a very niche job that may require you to be a skilled writer and car enthusiast, whilst possibly working your way up from an entry-level journalist position. Another route is to get into engineering and work for a manufacturer. Such test drivers need a good mechanical knowledge and may have to take numerous test whilst looking out for certain faults.

Sports driving

Sports driving is a dream job for many drivers. Whether you want to get into track racing or rally racing or stunt driving, you will need to put in a lot of money and energy before you start getting paid. Most begin sports driving as a hobby and compete regularly until they reach a certain level of talent that allows them to move on to the next league. Eventually you may be able to get the help of sponsors and have a team around you – at which point you can start to earn some real money from sports driving.

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