Working Nine To...Nine? Sounds Like You Need These Office Time Savers

Forget nine to five. It would have been more like nine to nine. Or ten. Or eleven. Sound familiar? Such is the curse of being at the helm of your business. Your staff have the luxury of going home each evening, but you stay at your desk. In a way, it makes sense. After all, the success of your enterprise rests on your shoulders. Besides, in the early days, you were pulling fifteen hour days every day. Such is the life of the entrepreneur. Or, is it?

We don’t think so. While working yourself to the bone is necessary in the early days, you shouldn’t still need to do it. The fact that you are suggests something isn’t right in the way you run your office. Remember; you have staff now.

Fifteen hour days really shouldn’t be necessary.

So, what are you doing wrong? We’re here to give you some idea. The daily plan In truth, this is less about the office and more about you. After all, your staff leave at five having finished all their jobs.

It seems only you are having problems with planning your time.

In fairness, you likely do have a lot more to tackle than the rest of your team. But, with a decent plan, there’s no reason you can’t do it. So, get into the habit of writing a timed plan each morning. This will allow you to develop a realistic timescale for your day. Plus, you may find that you work faster on a time limit. And, in your case, it sounds like that would be a good thing.

Outsourcing Outsourcing is one of those words you hear everywhere in business. And, with good reason. In simple terms, this means paying a set fee to an outside company to take care of certain aspects of business.

Most commonly, it refers to things such as accounting and human resources. Many companies also turn to outsourced IT Services who can deal with issues such as computer breakdowns.

These are tasks which have nothing to do with work progress, yet still crop up on a daily basis. As such, you’d be amazed how much time you’ll save by handing that burden over. Delegating It’s also worth mentioning the power of delegation here. As this business is your baby, it makes sense you want to do as much as possible.

But, if you’re overworking yourself, you can do more damage than good.

After all, you won’t be able to give every project your full attention if you’re doing them all. What do you have staff for, anyway? Instead of taking everything upon yourself, start spreading tasks evenly at the start of each day. This will ensure neither you or your team are overworked. And, that’s really the best way to save time in the office.

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