Overtime Is Essential For Career Advancement, But is It Sending You Over The Edge?

Let’s be honest; the people who do the bare minimum at work rarely get promoted. While there’s nothing wrong with leaving the office at five, it’s unlikely to get your career off the ground. So, if you have advancement in your sights, you may find that you need to take it up a gear.

Most of us do this by working hard and working extra. If you want your employer to notice you, overtime is the best thing you can do. Once the office is empty, you can really make your work and efforts stand out. Hello, promotion. The only issue is, if you aren’t careful, working too much overtime can send you over the edge. What’s more, there’s no guarantee of a light at the end of this extra-hour tunnel. With that in mind, then, we’re going to look at three essential steps to ensure those added hours don’t push you too far.

Know your rights You need to know your rights when it comes to overtime. Given you’re doing this for advancement, there’s a temptation to work extra without pay. All the better for making the right impression, right? Wrong. In fact, operating this way is a sure route to going over that edge. What’s more, it shows weakness rather than strength. Instead, prove you have a head on those shoulders by standing your ground. Work the hours, but make sure you’re paid. If not, refer your employer to resources like those found at www.hayberlawfirm.com/employee-rights which outline the legalities here. This shows you have your wits about you and an ability to research. And, that’s sure to serve you well.

Set firm limits It’s also crucial you set firm limits. While you want to make a good impression, you also need to know when enough is enough. Push yourself too hard, and your work will suffer for it. Be strict about only working perhaps two or three bouts of overtime each week. Or, you may want to set aside a particular night where you never accept extra hours. This is your right and should by no means damage your chances of promotion. If you’re worried, head to sites like https://www.fastcompany.com to learn how to turn hours down politely. Either way, never make the mistake of pushing yourself too far. Your career prospects won’t thank you for it.

Play the bargaining game

Don’t make the mistake, either, of assuming overtime is enough to guarantee you progress in your career. When it comes down to it, your manager wants to get whatever they can out of you. They might not even have promotion in mind. As a result, you could end up working every hour without prospect. Don’t do it. Instead, use over time as a bargaining tool. Don’t overdo this, obviously, but agree to the overtime on the proviso that you get a sit down chat, for instance. It’s a small step to ensure everyone’s on the same page when it comes to all those extra hours you’re working.

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