Recruitment Mistakes That Could Be Costing Your Company

If you want your company to grow at a successful rate, you are going to have to employ more workers to help you take on a larger workload and take your company to new heights. However, recruiting new staff isn’t always as easy as it may seem. In fact, the process can cause some business owners a few problems that can end up being expensive as they drag out the whole process.

Here are some of the most common mistakes that many companies make when trying to hire new staff. Make sure you don’t make them yourself!

Failing To Plan For The Interview

You can guarantee that everyone who you interview will have done a lot of preparation for it. Many applicants will try to come up with answers to potential questions so that they come across as well as they can when it comes to the real thing! However, they aren’t the only ones who should be prepared - you should also prepare your questions well in advance too. That way, you can figure out what you want to ask so nothing gets forgotten.

Trying To Do It All Yourself

Some company owners think that they can do the whole recruitment process without any help from anyone else. They attempt to write the job description, shortlist the applicants, and carry out the interview rounds all on their own. However, this is a lot of work for just one person to do. It will be much more efficient if you outsource your recruitment to the likes of, even if it just one part of the whole process. That way, you can free up more of your time so you can carry out other jobs as well.

Forgetting To Check Applicant References

The majority of applicants will list two referees at the end of their resume. Even if someone doesn’t mention a referee in their application, you should get in touch with them to ask them for one. Make sure you always get in touch with these names and ask for a reference. The referees are usually previous employers or teachers, and they will be able to give you a good idea of the applicant’s character and suitability for the role.

Being Too Vague In Job Descriptions

When you are writing your job description for part of the advert, it is super important that you make it as detailed as possible. You can find some great example job descriptions online at This description needs to be as detailed as possible. This will prevent anyone who is unsuitable for the role applying. You will find that vague adverts attract too many applicants, and you will waste a lot of time working through unsuitable applicants. So, keep things to the point and with plenty of detail so that you only get applications from the best people out there for your open position.

Hopefully, you don’t ever make these recruitment mistakes in your company again!

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