Smart Boss: Attracting Millennial Employees for Your Small Business

Small businesses are at the heart of the American industry. It is one of the reasons the country is earning trillions of dollars as its GDP. It is also one of the main reasons why employment rates are so high. About 48% of the labour force works for small businesses. This is equal to about 157 million Americans. Without these small businesses, there would be so many Americans out of work. However, this makes finding an employee for your business a challenge.

There are about 30 million small businesses in the US, hiring from ten to 100 employees. If you consider this amount of employees working for millions of small businesses, you don't stand a chance, especially if you're new in the industry. But with a couple of tips and suggestions, you can start making your small business more attractive to potential employees. Here are some ways you can attract employees to work for your company.

The Millennial Labor Force

Currently, the millennials are the largest generation ever to join the US labour force. 35% of them comprise the current labour force, which is expected to grow in the next few years. More and more of them are becoming ever more capable and experienced in doing their jobs, and as a small business, it is in your best interest to attract them into your company.

There is a huge chance that one out of three potential employees you'll be meeting is a millennial, and you want this ratio to stay the same. The more you attract millennials into your company, the more chances you can hire them and their expertise. One of the ways you can attract them is by abolishing dress codes.

Freedom to Wear Anything Comfortable

Millennials hate suits and ties. They hate wearing clothes that stop them from being on the go. Leather shoes are a big no-no for this generation. They love wearing sneakers, casual t-shirts, and in some cases, cargo shorts. This is just the way they roll. However, it doesn't mean that you'll let them have their way.

Implement a less strict dress code in your company, or better yet, let them wear whatever they want three to two times a week. This program will surely attract more millennials to your company. Another way you can reel in this particular generation into your company is by giving them the chance to work remotely.

Working Remotely

By implementing policies that can make your employees work in the comfort of their home or any other place in the world, you're already making your company a prime location for millennials to apply. This specific generation loves travelling, and they love travelling so much that some of them like to work while they travel.

Giving them a chance to work remotely can only benefit your company because policies such as this one mean that you don't have to worry much about rent and utilities for your office. It's a great way to save money. Lastly, if there is one thing that millennials want is a learning experience from your company.

Provide Learning Experiences and Career Growth for Employees

You should start implementing various programs that centre on career growth in your company. Millennials like to know that they can grow in your company and that you are willing to teach them about the industry. Chances are, these employees would like to set up their own business someday, and they want your business as a stepping stone to that.

Training programs should be one of the things you should be marketing to attract millennial employees to your company. However, it might be tough to implement training programs because of the pandemic. However, some trainers have modules that can facilitate group training online.

Furthermore, various platforms like Zoom can cater to up to ten employees, so if you have your own ideas for online training, feel free to do it yourself. Having training programs in your company is one sure way to let potential employees know that your business cares for them. It is one way that can also help them expand their career. By having some creative training programs in your company, you can surely allure some more employees into your company, especially those from the younger generations.

Here are some simple ways you can attract more employees into your company. By specifically catering your recruitment program to millennials, you can easily get hundreds of potential employees visiting your company and asking you for a job. The same things written in this article can be applied to generation Z employees. To implement these policies and programs into your company and see it grow.

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