The Busy Life Of A Nurse... And How To Make It Easier

Nothing worth doing was ever easy. That’s something nurses tell themselves on a daily basis. Nursing is an immensely rewarding career and one in which you can make s real difference in the lives of everyday people on a daily basis. It’s the knowledge that they’re making a huge (it’s no exaggeration to say life changing) difference in the lives of their patient that gets nurses through their long and arduous days and allows them job satisfaction.

They endure the ordeals and hardships of this demanding career because they have faith in themselves and they get to see the effects of their good works in the smiles of the patients they deal with. But there are some days in any job where self affirmation isn’t quite enough to get you through a rough day. In nursing, where you may be helping to perform a tracheotomy one minute and consoling a recently bereaved widow the next, it’s vital to find everyday hacks to make this potentially gruelling profession easier. When you’re staring down the barrel of a 14 hour shift, any hack you can find to make your life a little easier can be a huge help…

Always have quick access to emergency scrubs

Nursing is messy work and if your scrubs become soiled, you need to get into some new ones quick smart. Thus, it’s always a good idea to have a spare pare close to hand should you need to dash into a restroom to change before you get time to launder your dirty scrubs. Hospitals, after all, are big places and the less time you spend traversing their busy corridors the better. Check out our catalog to find a good pair of backup scrubs. It really can make all the difference.


Low blood sugar can slow your reflexes, impair your decision making and diminish your usually bright, cheerful and sunny demeanor. Make sure that you have access to a healthy snack at all times. Avoid anything too sugary as sugar will cause a spike and dip in insulin levels that will make you cranky and irritable after a few minutes.

Help helicopter families by letting them help you

When attending to a patient it’s only natural for them to be thronged by concerned relatives but when these well meaning people get too close for comfort they can be an impediment which slows down your work and potentially limits your efficacy. Put them to good use by asking them to help you out. Not only will you be able to regain control of the situation, the act of helping out will be helpful for the patient and allow them to feel a little less helpless.

Keep wandering elderly people calm through climate control

When working with elderly patients suffering dementia it can be like trying to shepherd cats. They have a habit of getting out of their beds and wandering around the instant you take your eyes off them. To save you time and effort your greatest tool is the ward’s thermostat. Drop the temperature right down and keep them warm and cosy in their beds and they’ll feel far less inclined to go on any nocturnal adventures.

Nursing is a hard job and even little things can make it a whole lot easier.

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