The Fastest Growing Medical Roles

If you want to work in the medical field, you probably have at least some idea that you want to help people. However, you can choose a career that allows you to dedicate your life to others and be ambitious at the same time. It's smart to choose a career that will take you places, offering plenty of opportunities for work and money. These fast-growing medical roles are good options.

Pharmacy Technician

Pharmacy technicians work alongside pharmacists in healthcare facilities, as well as out in the community. They help to prepare and dispense medications to patients and healthcare professionals. Unlike the role of a pharmacist, being a pharmacy technician doesn't require years of college education. A high school diploma is all that's needed to get started in this career.

Physical Therapist

Physical therapists also work in a variety of environments. They help with rehabilitation for people with injuries, illnesses and chronic conditions. Physical therapists need to complete an accredited physical therapy education program before passing a state-administered national exam. Median salaries are $85,000, with more than 209,000 physical therapists currently licensed in the US.


The nursing profession has grown over the years, and it has evolved over time too. Nurse practitioners and physician assistants are currently in high demand, expected to grow by 39% by 2026. Nurses are the largest group in the healthcare profession, and there are many different roles to explore. There are various specialties with a growing demand, including educators and administrators to help meet the demand for new nurses.

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