The Things That WILL Get Your Resume Thrown in the Trash

Your resume is your key to the door; it is the thing that will significantly influence whether you get that new job. If HR doesn’t like what they see in your resume, they will not look any further at your application and you won’t even get the chance to blow them away at the interview. So, it’s important that you get it right.

Instead of telling you what you should do if you want your resume to open doors for you - let's explore a few things that will get your resume thrown in the trash.

Avoid these mistakes and you are much more likely to be taken seriously, and get that interview where you can work your charms…

Spelling and Grammar Mistakes

Most recruiters are not going to take you seriously as a candidate if you can’t even make the effort to ensure that your resume is free from any spelling and grammar mistakes.

Now that we all have easy access to dictionaries, spell checks, and grammar-correction apps, there is little excuse for making these kinds of mistakes. Recruiters are likely to toss your resume as soon as they see those typos!

Not Including a Cover Letter

Okay, so this isn’t always the case, but if the job specification says that you should include a cover letter with your resume, you need to include a cover letter.

If you don’t, you’re telling the recruiter that you either can’t follow instructions or that you cannot be bothered. Either way, you won't look good.

If you are apprehensive about including a cover letter because you don’t know what it should look like, use this cover letter guide with examples to help you out.

Formats that are Tough to Read

It doesn’t matter how much time you put into your resume or how qualified you are for the role if you use a format that is confusing and difficult to read, hiring managers are not going to give it more than a cursory glance.

It might not be fair, but they have a lot of applications to get through and they will use any excuse they can to whittle down that pile. So, use a decent resume template or ensure you’re using a crisp clear font. Don’t cram the page with information and use easy-to-follow language if you don’t want your hard work to end up in the recycling can. It matters so much more than you might think!

Not Including Proof

For example, if there is a minimum requirement for years of experience and you do not include any sort of proof that you possess that number of years in the industry, hiring managers will view you as wasting their time and your resume won’t stay on their desks for long.

That being said, if you have say 9 years of experience when you need 10 or even maybe 8, it might still be worth sending in your resume. This counts for skills too.

Avoid these mistakes and your resume should at least get read and considered on your merits, instead of being instantly tossed in the trash.

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