4 Things You Need To Do When Side Hustling With Uber Or Lyft

Do you ever feel like no matter how hard you work, how much overtime you lap up, you never quite have enough to make ends meet. You give and give and give and your job seems to take and take without so much as a “thank you”. It’s not just your imagination, the economic deck is stacked against you and the current culture of corporate wage repression is actively conspiring to keep your wages down. For this reason, more and more individuals and families are turning to the humble side hustle to save for much deserved vacations, set a little extra money aside for the future or simply allow themselves more disposable income.

If, however, you choose to make extra money by lending your driving expertise to a digital intermediary like Uber or Lyft you’ll have to do these things each and every day to ensure that your side hustle is successful...


Both Uber and Lyft have ratings systems, both to reward excellent conduct for drivers and to ensure that drivers are held accountable to their passengers. That means the difference between making okay money and making great money from your side hustle depends on your ability to really impress your passengers. And that starts with something that’s free and easy, yet surprisingly rare… A smile!

A smile is both a useful tool and a potent weapon for drivers. It can charm a passenger, defuse conflict before it starts, prevent other road users from venting their road rage at you and generally make your life much more pleasant on the road. Thus, you should really think twice before hitting the road when angry, frustrated or upset. Your personality can make all the difference between making good money or great money.

Remember the tortoise and the hare

When you’re driving for a living, taking things slow and steady always wins you the race. Resist the temptation to race to your destination. You may get your passenger where they want to be quickly, but their enjoyment of the experience will be undermined, as will their safety.

No fare is so important that it’s worth jeopardizing your vehicle or putting your own safety and that of your passengers at risk. Avoid tailgating and keep a respectful distance to other vehicles, especially heavy goods vehicles. If your car is written off by a truck a truck accident lawyer will be able to ensure that you’re adequately compensated… But that’s really no reason to court risk. Be like the tortoise, not the hare.

Keep your car beautiful

At the very least your passengers can expect your vehicle to be clean, tidy, well maintained and fragrant. However, some drivers like to go the extra mile by providing bottled water, snacks and even aspirin or travel sickness pills for their passengers.

Finally… Remember, your income from your side hustle is still taxable!

Now you’re all set and primed for success, just make sure that you don’t trip yourself up by falling afoul of the IRS. It’s essential that you report all of your earnings as every penny you make from your side hustle is taxable. The good news is that your expenses incurred including vehicle upkeep and maintenance are also tax deductible.

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