Thinking Of A Career Change Away From The Office? Here Are 4 Ideas!

Let’s be real, working in an office all day every day can get extremely boring and tiresome. Ironically, you get tired without actually doing much physical activity, which is a genuine health problem. So, if you’re thinking of a career change and getting out of the office, then here are a few ideas you may enjoy:

Fitness Instructor

These days, it’s very easy to take a short online course and become a fully-qualified fitness instructor. Here, you can either seek out a job at your local gym or set up your own business. Either way, you’ll work with loads of different clients every day and spend most of your time on your feet being active. You can earn a lot from this job too, and it’s extremely rewarding in that you help people better themselves and change their lifestyle. The only downside is that it’s very competitive, so you’ll have plenty of rivals when trying to get clients.

Police Officer

Quite an extreme career, but definitely one where you won’t spend every day sitting at a desk doing the same tasks over and over again. There are many pros and cons to being a police officer, some of the pros are that you get an above average salary, and you’re in a line of work that focuses on helping people and communities. The cons are that it’s potentially dangerous, and you’ll probably need to get legal help at some point because people you arrest will always try and claim that you conducted yourself against the law. It does depend a lot on where you live and the area you serve. You could have a nice and quiet police career, but there’s always room for development as well. You can make your way up the ranks and become a special task officer!

Flight Attendant

How about you don’t just move away from the office, but you move away from the earth itself as well?! Think about a career as a flight attendant if you love traveling and are interested in a completely new challenge. The roles pay well, and there’s room to advance into more serious positions to earn more money too. Plus, you get to visit loads of new places for free and meet so many different people every single day.


If you enjoy taking lots of pictures for Instagram, then maybe you’ll like the sound of a career as a professional photographer. This is a great freelance career to embark on, which gives you incredible flexibility on when you work. Plus, there are so many different routes you can go down here; wedding photography, family portraits, travel photography, nature, and so on. People have earned a very nice living from their photo-taking ability so it might be a good idea for someone that’s a keen photographer. Much like the fitness instructor job, the main downfall is the competition!

There are four completely different career ideas here for you to have a look at and think about. I tried to really spread them out across different industries to prove that there are loads of different careers out there for someone wanting to get out of the office!

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