Tips On Working From Home During Very Hot Weather

Working from home has its advantages but there are drawbacks too. These are wide and many but for the context of this article, we are thinking about the weather. When the sun is shining outside and the inside of your home is blisteringly warm, it can be difficult to work effectively. Productivity can take a hit, especially when energy levels start to flag, and there is also the temptation to stop working for the day in favour of a day in the park instead!

So, with the assumption that the UK will experience hot (or very warm) weather this year, here are some tips to help you if you're working from home.

#1: Prepare your home in advance

Firstly, if you haven't already, purchase blinds or blackout curtains for the windows in your home office. This is your way to shield yourself from the sun when it's at its hottest. You should also make sure your AC is working, as that flow of cool air will be vital when you're trying to counter the warmer temperatures in your home. Contact a 24 Hour AC service to make any repairs if needed. And finally, buy a fan or two. A small one that can sit on your desk might suffice but something larger can also prove useful as you will be able to keep the entirety of your home office cool when you're busy with your work.

#2: Dress appropriately

Don't worry about improving your sense of style when you're working from home, especially when your day is free of meetings and social interactions. Wear whatever makes you feel comfortable when the weather is hot, such as any clothing you own that is loose and lightweight. This could be your excuse to wear your pyjamas although a light cotton blouse and skirt would also serve you well when you're trying to stay cool. If you do need to hold meetings on Zoom or face-to-face within your home, wear something smart but comfortable for you. You might find inspiration from these work-appropriate summer outfit ideas but visit your favourite fashion sites for more ideas if needed.

#3: Drink plenty of water

Caffeinated drinks will quickly dehydrate you so go easy on the coffee and energy drinks. Instead, drink plenty of water during the day, and add a touch of lemon juice if you want to add a bit of flavour to what you're drinking. You will feel more energised this way and your capacity to work productively won't be compromised, as you shouldn't end up falling asleep at your desk because of the hot weather.

#4: Change your work hours

One of the joys of working from home is flexibility. So, if you're able to set your own work hours, work at a time when the weather isn't too hot. This might be early in the morning or later in the evening when the sun isn't at its brightest. Not only will you have a better chance to work productively if you do, but you will also have the opportunity to spend time outdoors if you want to turn off your computer and enjoy the sun.

Working from home can be challenging when the temperature rises but by following our suggestions, you can make life easier for yourself. So, think ahead now in preparation for the sunshine, and make sure you're ready for the (hopefully) warmer days and weeks ahead.

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