What it Takes to be a Great Manager

There are many differences between being a good manager and being a great one. Far too many people are content with being good at what they do when they should really be working towards greatness. It’s pretty easy to become decent at what you do but only the very best people actually become able to succeed in areas beyond the basic and expected. So if you want to know what it takes to be a truly great manager, you should read on now.

The Ability to Juggle Tasks

There will be plenty of tasks that you’re expected to juggle as a manager. It can often seem like you need to grow a few more arms in order to do your job properly. But don’t despair; once you get into the habit of successfully multitasking and juggling tasks, you’ll get better at it. You just need to do it and don’t be daunted by the prospect of it. It’s an essential part of the job.


Having a little ambition really can take you a long way as a manager. And I’m not just talking about personal ambition. You also need to be able to embody the ambition of the company you’re working for and representing. After all, you’re a senior member of staff, so you need to be driving the business forward and showing that ambition each day.

Know Your Niche

There are so many different types of managers working in so many different industries. It’s up to you to make sure you know your niche properly and how to work within it. When you have this understanding, you can carve out your own niche and make sure you’re best positioned to achieve the right outcomes. You should also work towards gaining recognition and qualifications in your niche area. Working in hospitality might demand a hospitality management degree, for example.

Leadership Skills

Having the right leaderships skills will help you prove yourself as a great manager because like it or not, managers have to be able to lead and motivate. It’s a big part of what the job is all about. Without the right leadership skills, it’s easy to become a functional bureaucrat without any of the fire and motivational skills that make the best managers the best. And that’s definitely not what you want.

Understanding of Others

Finally, you need to have a little empathy. If you’re going to be leading a team, there will be a lot of human feelings to manage and egos to massage. You need to understand how to get the best out of absolutely everyone in the group, and that will be different for different people. So try to develop that understanding of others.

Great managers are actually pretty rare, so you’re going to have to work hard and hone your skills if you’re going to become one. There are plenty of average managers our there, but no one aims to become one of them. So make the most of the information here and start on your journey to becoming a great manager.

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