You Don't Suck. Your Job Search Does.

It’s not your fault you can’t find a job.

If you’ve been searching for weeks or months on big job boards, spending every spare moment filling out online applications and submitting your resume, without any luck, it’s not you – you’re just job searching wrong.

Stop telling yourself that you’re unemployable, or destined to remain at your current company or at your current level, or lacking skills, or that the universe is against you.

The only thing against you, is a job search strategy that relies heavily (or solely) on big job boards.

If online job boards like Monster and Indeed (and others) are your go-to destination for finding a new job, you’ve turned your job search into a numbers game. The biggest problem with this, is that the numbers aren’t in your favour.

There is HUGE competition on these job boards. With most North Americans changing jobs every 3 to 5 years, you’re job searching alongside a massive chunk of the population. Also, because these big job boards market themselves as having all the jobs in one place, this where almost everyone goes to find a job.

A single job posting on these sites can receive hundreds (and sometimes thousands) of applications.

And, there’s more. Because there are so many applicants, companies have employed software systems to screen out candidates and reduce the pool of resumes to a manageable number. So, even though you may have applied for dozens of jobs, it’s possible your resume was never read by a real person.

Here’s how this shakes out for you.

On average, it takes 50 applications to get just 1 interview, when you rely on big job boards alone.

Think about that. That’s finding 50 jobs to apply to, tailoring your resume 50 times, and completing 50 of those ridiculous online applications that ask you to re-type everything that’s already in your resume. If can easily take 20 to 30 minutes to apply for a single job on sites like these, adding up to about 16 hours of online application hell, to land one single interview.

Oh, and it gets worse. Usually, it takes about 7 interviews to get a job offer.

You see, it’s not your skills, or experience, or your education holding you back. It’s a job search strategy that doesn’t include networking, LinkedIn optimization, and niche job boards.

If you’re looking for a brand new plan of attack for your job search (and want to know everything I know about landing an amazing job), this is for you:

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